First Date Etiquette: Get Him to Stick Around

Thursday, 27 February 2014

In the past, men were supposed to court women. Chivalry was a common thing, and suitors would line up to impress and please the women they fancied. Unfortunately, we don't live in the land of fairy tales! Now it's equal territory for men and women, and we ladies have to work just as hard to keep a man interested and around. The best place to start is at the beginning, with the first date. So what can you do to make sure to make a good impression when you're having your first date with a new guy?

First of all, don't buy into any of that "bad girls get the guy" mumbo jumbo that's floating around. A real man wants a real, polite, well-mannered woman. There's a lot that can be said about a lady who understands and utilizes basic etiquette and manners, so don't let them fall by the wayside. Be polite to everyone you encounter while on your date, excuse yourself when necessary, and really just generally try to be courteous of others around you. Using and remembering basic manners is a testament to your ability to empathize and care about other people.

The next step is related, but somewhat different. You must never get visibly angry on a first date. Sure, that sounds odd -- who would be angry on a first date? But you'd be surprised. Perhaps the valet scratches your car, or the waiter forgets your desert, or the bartender pours you the wrong drink, or the woman at the table next to you in the restaurant is being loud and obnoxious. While you could react aggressively in any normal situation, on a first date that will come off as rash and probably ruin everyone's good time, including your own. Learn to let these little things go and the date will be more fun for the both of you.

Last, take pride in yourself. Don't let anything get you down. Know who you are and what you're interested in, and talk about it confidently. There's nothing sexier than a woman who is confident in herself. Do everything you can to amplify your best features and the strongest points of your personality. That said, don't commandeer all dinner conversation. Let him have his moment in the sun, too! After all, first dates are about getting to know one another. Take the time to do it so that you have some groundwork for the second date!

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Hannah Fairfield is a dating and relationship expert. Her passion is writing informative articles for women who want to improve their love lives. Visit her site for more information.

He Never Called After Our Date - What Now?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

If you're like most women, you've probably been on at least one first date that never resulted in a second date. You've probably been anxious and wondered why he just wouldn't call after you two went out for the first time. Did you do something wrong? Or was he just a sleaze bag? Will you ever know the answer?

The truth is that guys don't call for a number of reasons. Some can be your fault, some can be his. You'll never really know for sure, but if you pay attention to your actions -- and to his -- you'll have a better shot at understanding and making sure it doesn't happen again.

One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make on a date is trying to over please the guy. If you agree with everything he says and offer little information about yourself, how is he supposed to know whether he likes you? It may seem beneficial to be agreeable, but seeing eye-to-eye on absolutely everything is not realistic. Express your opinions and your personality, otherwise he may as well be having dinner with a mirror. Many women think they're avoiding confrontation and trying to make the date go smoothly by employing this behavior, but it's really detrimental to getting to know a person. Be you!

Another mistake is becoming a fortune teller when you've only just met. Don't tell him about the future you have planned for yourself, even if you think you're being subtle. Career goals are one thing, but if you sit at your first dinner with a man and tell him that you want to have two children and name them Laura and Leonard, he's going to run screaming in the other direction. This is the #1 easiest way to scare a man off. You're just getting to know each other, so maybe you should get to know each other before you start planning your wedding.

Last, look at the date objectively. If he never called and you can't figure out why, maybe it's because the two of you just weren't compatible or didn't have a great time. It's easy to look at dates in retrospect with rose-colored glasses on, especially when you're feeling insecure about him not calling. But was there good conversation? Did you have things in common? Did you really enjoy each other's company? If not, maybe you're better off without him.

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Hannah Fairfield is a dating and relationship expert. Her passion is writing informative articles for women who want to improve their love lives. Visit her site for more information.

Casual Sex - Can It Ever Work?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The "friends with benefits" scenario seems like it can be the ideal situation for a woman who has a busy life or isn't really interested in getting romantically entangled at this point in her life. You get to have all of the fun, with none of the commitment! What could go wrong?

I'll tell you what could go wrong -- just about everything. It's easy to look at a casual sex relationship from the outside and see it for all the benefits. After all, that's why they call it "friends with benefits." The thing is, these relationships are never really as cut and dry as they seem. Even if you agree to keep your interaction completely platonic (outside of the sex, of course), there are no doubt going to be feelings arising at some point. It's virtually impossible for a woman to completely separate sex and emotion, no matter how hard she tries.

This isn't to say that these relationships can never work, but if you are looking for something hassle-free, it's best to keep them in the short term or on a very occasional basis. Hooking up with the same person casually once every few months between relationships or dates isn't the end of the world, but if you end up sleeping together on a nightly basis, things could get tricky. It's difficult to not develop feelings for someone who you spend that much time with, especially when it involves such a high level of intimacy -- even if it's only physical on the surface.

Keep in mind also, that trying to get out of a casual sex relationship can be an absolute nightmare, especially if the two of you were friends to begin with. Someone is bound to get their feelings hurt. Imagine if you were in a "friends with benefits" situation with someone you've been platonic buddies with for a very long time, and all of a sudden he starts dating someone new and stops being interested in having sex with you. How would you react? Even if you're not interested in a relationship with him, that can be a hefty blow to your ego.

Similarly, imagine that you find someone new that you want to start dating. Would you be comfortable risking your friend's feelings by ending the relationship? Are you capable of looking him in the eye and being forthright about ending things for the sake of someone new?