One Simple Trick To Kill Approach Anxiety

Thursday, 12 December 2013

If you've ever felt approach anxiety, you're not alone. Anybody who says they aren't afraid are either suffering from some kind of psychotic illness, or they are flat out lying.

Most guys, scratch that, ALL GUYS feel a certain level of approach anxiety, ALL THE TIME.

They say that learning to feel comfortable and natural when picking up girls is like riding a bike.

I say that's hogwash.

Riding a bike, tying your shoes, driving a car, these are simple, emotionally neutral skills that once you learn, it's pretty hard to unlearn. Meaning you'll be able to do them till you're taking a dirt nap.

Then there's more complicated skills that will rust and break down if you don't stay in practice. Playing tennis, playing the violin, cooking a complicated meal. Still, these are emotionally neutral.

Pick up is a whole different animal. Not only is it complicated, but it's about as emotionally NON-neutral as you can get.

I suppose walking across a tight rope suspended above a pit of hungry alligators while people are throwing bowling balls at you might be worse, but you get the idea.

Without getting into the evolutionary and psychological reasons, unless you're going out EVERY SINGLED DAY and number closing ten or twenty girls, you're going to feel a certain level of approach anxiety.

But here's a trick that can help you sneak around those obstacles.

Before you go out again, think of three specific things that MUST be true about her in order for you to date her.

They can get anything, from being a non-smoker, to not having ax-murdered someone within the last twenty four hours. So long as you think of SOMETHING.

This will give your mind something to focus on, BESIDES the fear of rejection.

It will also make it easier to approach.


Instead of thinking what most guys think, "I hope she likes me," you'll be wondering about those three things you've chosen.

Now, you don't HAVE to find out about those three things. Don't walk up to her and fire off a bunch of questions.

Make a game of it. Give your mind something to wonder about, ABOUT HER, and see if you can covertly elicit it during a regular conversation.

The secret here is by giving your mind something to focus on, BESIDES the potential rejection, you'll be able to relax and be yourself.

And let the ancient powers of man-woman caveman lust run it's natural course.

To make things even easier, learn the techniques within covert hypnosis.

This will make your conversation flow like water, and have her feeling those deeply seductive emotions she'll never forget.


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