How to Win Back Your Love Right Now

Friday, 5 December 2014

Have you just been through a terrible break up? Perhaps your love has suddenly dropped a bombshell on you and told you they didn't want to be with you anymore? Perhaps you said or did things you regretted and now you don't know how you can win back your love. Through many trial and error, here I've outline some of the best ways to Win Back Your Love no matter how hopeless you feel.

1 Are you overreacting?
Often after an unexpected break up, you'll likely want to get answers and try to persuade your love into giving you another chance. If you have tried talking, txt messaging and perhaps even stalking, please know that these methods will not work if your love has already decided to leave. Now, the best thing to do is stop panicking and making the situation worse. Stay calm and mature about what is happening. Let your partner understand that you will not force them to stay but that you still care about them and want to make the relationship work.

2 Can you limit your contact with your ex?
It's difficult if you're still keep close contact with your ex or partner. The best thing to do is not be friends just yet. Give both of you some time part from one another to get a clearer perspective on things. Allow a few weeks to cool down and then slowly go back into contact. Build up the trust between you slowly and go from there.

3 You don't always have to be right.
Remember that you don't always have to be right and especially at a time like this, trying to convince your partner they're WRONG can give negative consequences. Leave who is right or wrong out of this for now, this is not the time to start more arguments and fights. Show them you only want their love and that you care deeply about them. Showing you care and acting desperate are two different things, but there is a thin line between the two, so remember to keep a cool head about things.
Your love won't forget about you and neither will they suddenly stop loving you. You have to believe that their love is still there but they have chosen to put a wall up for now. It's better to try to make them trust you again then to try any forcible tactics into getting your love back.


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