3 Tips For Finding Success With Online Dating

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Being successful when it comes to online dating isn't as easy as many make it out to be. There is a decent amount of work that needs to be done not only initially, but ongoing as well. But with that said, you can find love online. I am a testament to that as are many people I know. So how do you go about finding success with online dating? Here are three tips to help you out.

Pick A Good Site For You

With so many online dating site out there, how can you know which one is right for you? The simple answer is to do research on each site to figure out which one is best for you. Unfortunately, not all of us have that kind of time. Fortunately, there are a handful of websites that have done the work for you. Some are more detailed than others. The key is to do the most research possible so that you can find the site that fits you best.

By picking out the right site for you, you instantly increase your odds of finding success with online dating. You won't be wasting your time on the wrong sites and as a result giving up out of frustration. I know this because I spent a lot of time on many online dating websites only to come up empty.

Stand Out

Online dating is a pure numbers game. The more you try, the greater your chances of meeting others. But if you don't want to contact 1,000 people to hear back from 10, you can do things to increase your odds and finding success with online dating. The way you do this is to stand out.

As I mentioned above, I was on a lot of online dating websites. I saw many women have the same basic (read: boring) profile. I even checked out the guys profiles too (more on this shortly). The girls that had a different profile, the ones that actually put some time and effort into creating their profiles are the ones I reached out to.

So how do you stand out? Check out other peoples profiles. This is why I checked out so many men's profiles. I saw what everyone else was doing. I took note of that and knew what not to do. It really is that easy. The hard part is then creating your profile. Don't get frustrated with this though. I wrote and edited my profile 5 times before posting it. Take the time to stand out and you will find success with online dating.

Keep Things In Perspective

Because online dating is a numbers game, it's easy to get frustrated early on when you are reaching out to others and not getting a reply or even getting people who you aren't interested contacting you. At the end of the day, you have to keep things in perspective and stay positive. This will help you push through the discouraging times you will encounter. Trust me, you will encounter them. You aren't going to find love online overnight. It will take some time.

I meandered around for weeks at times. It's bound to happen. I kept my outlook positive and stuck with it. In the end, I found my wife. Remember, when times are toughest, that is when you are closest to seeing success.

Final Thoughts

The key to finding success with online dating is first finding the site that is best for you. From there, you need to put some effort into your profile and pictures so that you stand out from the crowd. Lastly, stay positive. You aren't going to meet prince charming or the future "Mrs." overnight. It is going to take some time. You will get frustrated. But do your best to keep pushing through to the end. The love you find will be worth the effort.


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