How To Identify A Cheater

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Actions Speak The Truth, Not Words

The proof of a man's feelings is in his actions, and not in what he tells you. So take notice of what he does, not what he says he will do. When someone shows you who they are, believe them, don't ignore your intuition. If you have doubts about someone, take your time and get to know them before you act.

There Is No Smoke Without Fire

When you are attracted to someone, your emotions tend to take over your common sense so keep an open mind to rumors and listen to others.

Wandering Eyes

It is normal for people to like looking at attractive things. However, don't accept disrespectful behavior. There is a line between appreciation and being rude to the person you're with.

Beware of The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

This typically involves a vulnerable woman and a middle-aged man who enters your life with many excuses as to why he has no assets. He asks for money or loans and promises to pay once he has his big pay-out, which never materializes.


• Don't be open about your financial affairs with someone you barely know.

• Don't try to buy affection.

• Never sign anything without first taking it to your lawyer.

• Ask questions get as much information as you can and check it out.

Financial Betrayal

Financial betrayal on top of emotional betrayal can make a huge wreck of our lives.

Take Precautions:

• Have a lawyer prepare thorough documents that state the assets of the marriage.

• Make sure joint signatures are required on check accounts.

• Have all bank and credit card statements sent to your home address.

Internet Infidelity

Thanks to the Internet, starting a relationship no longer need to happen face to face. It is a haven for emotional cheats so; it just has to be something that removes you from your relationship.make sure you check all profiles thoroughly. Infidelity need not be physical to be betrayal.

Financial Love Cheats and Predators On The Net

With the Internet, cheats and predators can now prey on vulnerable women anywhere from the comfort of their home! Emotional deception is the first step to financial and sexual gains so always be wary of who you talk to online.

Internet Detectives

The up side to the internet and technology is that there are many new ways to catch cheats. Besides checking data stored in your partner's mobile phone, having your family computer examined for encrypted files will also help put the pieces together. Another useful tool is the GPS which allow partner's to be tracked.


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